The Inheritance House believes that speaking Scriptures over your life brings healing to your life. Healing may happen in your body, your mind, your spirit and/or in any combination of those three. The Healing Minute teachings are created on a foundation of Scripture that can then be applied to everyday life. If you have read our Healing Thoughts Magazine you can think of these teachings as short compact verbal Healing Thoughts.

Each video starts with the Scripture that will be discussed in the teaching. After you have taken a moment to read the verse(s) in the video then we will jump right into the one minute teaching. Please feel free to pause the video at anytime if you need longer to read the Scripture, if one of the questions needs to be pondered, or if you just want to have some one on one time with the Lord. This teaching is for you, so please use it however works best for you!

Technically, the videos go a bit longer than exactly 1 minute because of the intro, outro, and leaving the Scripture up long enough to be read. However, the teaching itself is around 1 minute.