Our Mission

Celebrating the healing mission of Jesus Christ with the community through
prayer, education, and service.


Christ Centered
Jesus is the Healer. We acknowledge the power of healing and reconciliation that Jesus is bringing to us. All people have a need for more wholeness in their lives. Salvation (soteria) means “wholeness” in every aspect of our lives and includes provision for our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We believe that God is actively healing His creation and we seek to participate in that healing by sharing His healing grace with others through prayer.

Scripture Based
The Bible is the inspired Word of God. It is the ultimate authority. The Inheritance House will be diligent in conducting itself as a Biblically based, faithful to Christ as Lord, and led by His Spirit healing ministry.

We recognize and acknowledge the vital role of the Holy Spirit in our healing ministry. As believers we believe that each person is given unique gifts by the Holy Spirit, we seek to utilize these gifts in The Inheritance House to bring God’s healing to the community. We invite the Holy Spirit into our work and into the physical space of our ministry.


The Inheritance House is rooted in the belief that Jesus offers the same healing today that He offered over 2,000 years ago when He walked the earth healing people. God wants people set free from addictions, disease, mental illness, and whatever else might ail them. We embrace this healing gift and strive to bring this message of God’s healing to the local community and beyond.

• The Inheritance House provides Christian healing prayer to bring people to health and wholeness.
• The ministry serves as a bridge to bring the healing message of Jesus to the local and online community.
• The Inheritance House is staffed by trained prayer ministers and lay intercessors.
• The ministry is interdenominational. We invite all local churches, ministries, and businesses to send people to be helped and healed. The Inheritance House will work closely with local clergy and lay people to refer people to the ministry and refer people from the ministry to the local churches and ministries.
• The Inheritance House will have many volunteers from various backgrounds and denominations to participate at various levels of service and ministry.
• The ministry seeks the involvement of the Christian community local and worldwide.
• All services offered by the Inheritance House are free of charge. There are no fees attached to the ministry of healing prayer.