Jesus is doing amazing things in peoples lives through the Journey Groups at The Inheritance House.  Here are just a few of the testimonies from people who have participated in the Journey Groups.

And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…

Revelation 12:11 ESV


This Journey Group has allowed me to realize how much my heart has been turned off to the world because of past trauma and hurts. I am now learning how to recognize how those traumas are affecting my day-to-day life and how to use check-ins to gauge my mood. In addition to check-ins, the most profound lesson I have learned is that there is nothing wrong with me, my relational circuits have been shut off. With check-ins and the practice of writing appreciation memories, I plan to turn my relational circuits back on by paying attention to the good when I so want to only see the negative ~ FM

In just eight weeks Theresa was able to bring a group of women together who had never met and create a sense of safe community, a place where we could learn to grow in authenticity, acceptance, and appreciation as she modeled all of these and gave us opportunities to practice.   The Journey group also created in me an even greater thirst for a relationship with my Savior as I grew spiritually through practicing gratitude, and listening prayer, both taught and practiced in the group.  ~ Mary
My “joy” capacity has grown through experiencing the Journey Group material. My relationship with the Lord is stronger and deeper than it’s ever been. I hear from Him and am being healed by Him.
Much of the material has to do with attunement, brain science, and spiritual formation. All things I love to learn about. I really enjoy the depth of the relationship with the women in the group. It feels safe to “just be” and to share from the heart. I would highly recommend joining a Journey Group!  ~ Eileen

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