Payroll Clerk & Prayer Minister: Ruth Owen

Ruth is the Payroll Clerk, Publication Editor, and a Prayer Minister for The Inheritance House.

Financial Coordinator

• Interprets monthly financial detail (twenty-five years in accounting)
• Tracks gifts/memorials
• Tracks cash and contribution spreadsheets
• Counts Plate and Pledge
• Reports finances in administrative meetings
• Write grants, as needed
• Review bills and special project costs, as needed

Administrative Assistant

• Answers phones
• Telephone prayer appointments
• Walk-in Appointments
• Email prayers/correspondence
• Healing Thoughts contributing writer
• Publicity writer
• Good News Daily writer
• Administrative Meeting minutes
• Prayer intercessor at The Inheritance House and Healing Service
• Edit and Restock publications
• On-site Tech/Network support (twenty years in IT)
• Soaking Prayer coordinator