Pastor Steve Horrell

Prayer Minister: Pastor Steve Horrell

Pastor Steve Horrell has been involved in healing prayer since 1970 and was involved with the All Saints Healing Ministry for over ten years. He had attended the Tuesday evening Healing Service for a year or two, when he was approved by Don Jaeger and Fr. Dave Wilson (former Rector of All Saints Church) to pray for folks in the service.  Pastor Steve later became a Prayer Minister and  prayed with people in individual prayer appointments at the Glennon House.  He is currently a Prayer Minister at The Inheritance House.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (marketing) from University of Central Florida and Master of Divinity from Colgate Rochester Divinity School/Bexley Hall/Crozer Theological Seminary in Rochester, New York. (Bexley Hall is an Episcopal seminary and the other two are American Baptist). Pastor Steve was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 1978 and in 1999 became a clergy member of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Central Florida Presbytery.

He was mentored by Fr. Al Durrance for 30+ years. And has been a faithful attendee of Christian Healing Ministries, Francis and Judith MacNutt, for twenty-eight years. Pastor Steve has completed a twenty-six hour course on sexual addiction which helps him to minister to those struggling with this form of addiction. He has completed the Restoration in Christ Ministries (abuse recovery) 20 CD course. And he has also attended four annual conferences with Fellowship of Christ the Healer led by Fr. Russ Parker (former Director of Acorn Christian Healing Foundation).