Lander Roark

Prayer Minister: Lander Roark

Lander Roark first began exploring healing prayer several years ago at the Church he attended. During that time, the mostly young adult church began to get more and more inquisitive about the Holy Spirit and His interactions with the New Testament church of the Bible. At the same time, The Lord began to send people into the church who had personal experience of many of the things that Lander and his friends were searching out. As a result, many in this community began to believe in the miraculous power of God still at work today.

In the following years, Lander lead multiple groups where people would pray for one another for healing, deliverance, and other blessings. In 2013, Lander became an Elder at the church he was serving. That same year he attended Discipleship Ministry School in Nashville, TN where he received further training in healing prayer as well as the prophetic. Lander has been serving in various hands-on leadership roles in communities since then.

Currently, Lander serves as one of the Prayer Ministers at The Inheritance House. In his role as a Prayer Minister, Lander is especially passionate about seeing people not only set free, but also empowered to be able to sustain their freedom.