Prayer Minister: Janae Schirle

In 2007, Janae began her journey of studying to be a Christian Mental Health Counselor. While she was on this journey of studying, she began to also learn about inner-healing ministries like Sozo, Christian Healing Ministries, and God-Encounters from International House of Prayer. During her time in school, she decided that inner-healing was the route she desired to take because of the freedom she personally found in her own walk with God through this kind of prayer.

In 2010, Janae began working at Discovery Church as she did her internship studying healing within worship and pastoral care. This was a great experience of learning how to love people and put into practice the idea of “listening, loving, and praying.” Once she finished her Bachelor’s degree, she continued on to attain a Masters in Counseling as well. In 2015, Janae finished her year-long internship at an adolescent rehabilitation center as a counselor and finally finished grad school!

Within a month of praying and asking God to bring her to a ministry that she could minister through inner-healing, God brought her to the All Saints Healing Ministry. Janae has been a part of The Inheritance Staff for over four years and she loves every minute of it! She has been extremely encouraged to see people encounter God here and find freedom within their lives.

Additionally, She has been a pastor’s daughter her entire life and grew up in the ministry. Janae has been a Worship Leader, at Discovery Church, on a weekly basis since she was nineteen.  She was also on staff overseeing their College Worship Ministry for a couple of years. Over the past three years, she has been helping the worship ministry at C3 church as well.