Director: Dcn. Rose Sapp

To summarize Rose’s spiritual journey, she often uses three words, “God opens doors.”

Dcn. Rose Sapp was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and attended Catholic School in Miami during her early years. Her family moved to Lake Placid, Florida, a small town in rural south central Florida where she married her high school sweetheart and raised three children. She was an active member of St. Francis Episcopal Church and has been involved in a number of ministries including:

  • Youth Ministry
  • Adult Education
  • Prayer and Healing Ministry

Rose moved to Orlando in 2014, after the death of her husband, to continue her diaconal training in the Episcopal Church. Shortly thereafter, she began volunteering at the Glennon House and soon came on staff as ‘Outreach Coordinator,’ setting up and leading Grief Groups, Caregivers’ Support Groups and other outreach programs. After the retirement of Don Jaeger and her ordination as Deacon in 2016, she was asked to assume the role of Director.

Dcn. Rose continues her role as Director at The Inheritance House. She also serves as Deacon at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke in downtown Orlando.