by Kirsten Aufhammer Most Americans have at least a passing knowledge of the history of Thanksgiving. Every year in school auditoriums across the country, a version of the first Thanksgiving is acted out by students. We know that the Pilgrims had the first day of Thanks to celebrate their first crop of corn in November … Continue reading Thanksgiving

Pieces of My Puzzle

by Theresa Classe God is truly amazing. He is putting the pieces of my puzzle (life) back together. I have been on a deep healing journey for about fifteen years. Through that, I have received a lot of healing from childhood wounds and adult wounds. Some of these wounds were mountains and boulders with cliffs … Continue reading Pieces of My Puzzle

Don’t Wrestle. Just Nestle

by Carole McCutcheon Many years ago, I received a prophetic word that I was to ask the Lord to anoint my hands before playing the piano in services to welcome the presence of the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit. We learn in Psalm 22:3 that “the Lord inhabits the praises of His … Continue reading Don’t Wrestle. Just Nestle

Whose Voice Are You “Not” Listening To?

by Theresa Classe You may think this is a strange question, “Whose Voice Are You “Not” Listening to?” I would have thought that ten years ago, but I get it now. It began in my early forties. My husband, my kids and I were on the way to the beach, on a road I had … Continue reading Whose Voice Are You “Not” Listening To?

It All Began In The Garden of Eden

  by Barbara Koory It all began in the Garden of Eden… All was in harmony. There was a direct hotline that Adam had with Our Heavenly Father. After the first 5 days of creation, God saw the beauty of creation and how good it was. “Then God said, “Let us make man in our … Continue reading It All Began In The Garden of Eden