Barbara Koory

Prayer Minister: Barbara Koory

Barbara is the Intercessory Prayer Coordinator and a Prayer Minister for The Inheritance House.

One day in 2002 Barbara prayed, that if it were possible that she be led to a healing ministry in her ‘backyard’. Well, to make a long story short, she was in a grocery store when she “bumped” into a Church friend. Barbara was told about a Healing Ministry at All Saints Episcopal Church, Winter Park. She was given a contact name and ever since then it’s been a match made in heaven and earth. You see, the funny thing is that living in Winter Springs her back yard literally faces Winter Park. So God included Winter Park (and now Orlando) as part of that “backyard”. God certainly has a sense of humor. God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good!

Barbara Koory was involved with the All Saints Healing Ministry for over fifteen years. She is now on staff at The Inheritance House as an Outreach Prayer Minister, visiting Westminster Towers, Winter Park and the Mayflower Retirement Community, Winter Park. She also is one of our Prayer Ministers who takes individual prayer appointments at The Inheritance House.

She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work in 1984. After returning to the medical field as a Discharge Planner for approximately 2 years, she was able to be a stay-at-home mom with 2 daughters, becoming involved in clowning, PTA, Girl Scouts and many Church activities. Her daughters are grown now with a total of 5 grandchildren—ranging from 2 months to 8 years old. Her husband is a retired engineer from the Civil Service government. They have been married for 34 years.

In 2009, she was commissioned as a Lay Ecclesial Minister in the Diocese of Orlando. She was called to St. Augustine Catholic Church, Casselberry to begin a healing ministry. She has been involved in a variety of other ministries there: Lectors/Readers Ministry; Ministry to the Sick (going to parishioner’s homes, nursing homes and hospitals to minister communion); has coordinated Parish Missions throughout the years as well as participating in Vacation Bible School for the past 5-6 years.

Also in 2009, she became a volunteer Prayer Minister at Christian Healing Ministry, Jacksonville, Florida, and is presently active there when the opportunity arises. She is very thankful for the open doors that the Lord has given her to continue to learn and receive more of His blessings while using and increasing the gifts He has given her. So, God continues to bless her.